The Concept


... is a young clothing brand for men.

Our goal is to build the best products, promote and develop the use of sustainable natural materials, and use business as a factor of human development.

Hence our Organic and Fair Fashion concept is clear and straightforward: we design High Quality, Organic and Ethical Clothing.

In 2013, after the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza building, when more than a thousand textile workers were killed and hundreds of others injured...

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... our millennial founder, Nicolas, felt under his skin the need for change in the apparel industry.

He realized that, on top of an obvious decrease in the quality of the products, our clothing production backyard was a total mess.

The apparel industry is the second most polluting in the world, second only to the oil industry, and labor abuses and modern slavery are alive in this field.

There must be other (better!) ways to get the garments that we love.

This is what we are all about at Origamo!

We make things differently:

In our process, care for the environment and responsible manufacturing are essential components of our product specification as of day one.

Organic and Fair is our commitment to :

Design high quality clothing made to last.

Use only natural and organic fabrics for all our designs and collections.

Strive for a living wage and good working conditions for everybody making your clothes.

Inspired from the Fair Trade Organization principles and the Fair Wear Foundation Code of Labor, we enforce the last point by following the production chain, by traveling abroad to visit the production sites, and by building open and long term oriented relations with our manufacturing partners.

With your support, Origamo wants to change the clothing industry for the better, making it Organic and Fair to demonstrate that positive corporate culture should not come at the detriment of the product quality, and can be a pillar of a more human and sustainable society.

Join us in this Journey, make Origamo your Organic and Fair clothing brand!

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