Organic Peruvian Pima Cotton

The Pacific Polo is super soft and high quality because it is 100% Organic Pima cotton from Peru.

Here's what makes it so unique :

Organic Peruvian Pima  hand-picked

The Pima cotton used by Origamo complies with the rules of the U.S. and European Organic standards:



Pima cotton, a tale of Extra Long Staples...

Often referred to as a single Cotton species, in Peru the Pima actually includes the country’s very few Cotton species with Extra Long Staples (ELS).

Each of these few Cotton varieties is a very upscale Cotton grade, and since they share similar properties, it is fair to group them collectively as the unique flagship “Peruvian Pima”, which is known as one of the finest and softest Cottons in the world.

There are only a handful of Extra Long Staples cotton species in the world.

Among this already exclusive Extra Long Staples cotton category, the Peruvian Pima stands out, due to the uniquely favorable mix of rich soil quality and the equatorial weather conditions of coastal North Peru where the plant is grown.

Compared to Short and Long staple fibers, which are shorter than 1 1/8’’ and 1 1/4’’ respectively, Extra Long Staples fibers are longer than 1 1/8’’ and up to 2’’. This rare characteristic confers to the Peruvian Pima a natural smoothness and softness, and makes it a durable textile fiber, and also allows for the creation of fabrics very resistant to pilling, due to the lower number of fiber ends in the yarn.


Organic Peruvian Pima  hand-picked

Peruvian Pima is grown in limited quantity and hand-picked. This preserves  quality since handpicking avoids tearing the fibers, which occurs during industrial harvesting, and maintains the fibers’ natural softness.

Hand-picking comes with obvious benefits for the environment compared to machine-based harvesting, and the work is beneficial for the community as a source of local employment in these rural growing areas.

Organic standard...

The Peruvian Pima used to make the Origamo Pacific Polos is Organic. In practice this means that this Cotton is grown with the same environmental protection standards that apply to food grade organic plants.

The organic environmental standards ban the use of genetically modified seeds and synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, favoring biological forms of fertilizer and pest controls. This preserves both soil and water quality and improves waste management.

Compare to Non-Organic Cotton, The absence of hazardous chemicals on the Cotton fiber is very beneficial to the health of everybody from the original Cotton hand-pickers, to those who wear the finished Pacific Polo.

Last but not least, the Organic cotton benefits the local economy as farmers get a fairer price for their production, this economic benefit is known as the Organic premium.

Organic Peruvian Pima  hand-picked



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