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From bank employee to Organic and Fair apparel designer!

Who said that one should have one life in one’s life?

Certainly not me :-), by the way I’m Nicolas the founder of Origamo, the Organic and Fair Clothing menswear brand.

In 2015 when accompanying my wife to the United-States I took a radically new turn from my previous life as a bank employee toward a more ambitious project … following the dream of building my very own cool company.

I knew that I wanted to build something from the new millennium, able to expand as a successful venture but as well strictly adhering to a set of ground positive values like the respect for people and care for the planet we are all living on.

As often in life, the transition from a desired project to the concrete Origamo company was the result of collisions between personal history and some everyday life events.

The Organic touch comes from my youth in France where I grew up in a region of intensive cereal farming. Because of the pesticides spread in the fields surrounding my family’s house, we never could drink the tap water at home. In the summer as well we frequently could not go swimming in the village nearby river, the “Eure”, since the chemical concentration was too high in the water.

I clearly know that I was among the lucky ones, my family could afford buying bottled water, and for the swimming I probably just sweated a bit more in the warm French Summer.

However, very early for me the concept that intensive use of fertilizers and pesticides can impact people’s life got really real. As a result, today, I am a fan and a strong believer in the Organic economy, and I really wanted to have my company promoting this type of activity.

The fair clothing aspect is more tied to life situations. First I was very annoyed that the apparel industry, including potentially my own garments, was regularly spotted for its lack of transparency and for its bad labor and environmental practices. Then I am completely against the race to the bottom triggered by the fast fashion labels, prioritizing collection rotation speed over everything else including product quality. The final touch was put when looking for myself for clothing brands with values I was very limited in terms of offering and quality range.

I decided fill that gap, to create the menswear label that I was looking for myself.

… Et voila! An Origamo was born.

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